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Crowdfunding Success!

Homeless Rooms are delighted to say we SMASHED our crowdfunding target. We set ourselves an ambitious goal of raising £10,000.

Thanks to 63 different people who made pledges, we managed to also pull in large donations from Birmingham City Council and Santander Bank. We also had lots of support from literally hundreds of people on on social media. BIG THANKS. Media interests from Free Radio & BBC Midlands Today, Birmingham Updates gave us a much needed boost too.


Too late? NO!

Some people missed the Crowdfunder deadline so they sent a donation to our Go Fund Me campaign instead. If you’d like to contribute, here is the link


Special praise needs to go to an old school friend, Jonny Stenson, who runs a very successful grassroots cycling club for adults and kids in  North Birmingham, called Chapter II.

He asked all the club members not to send him Christmas cards or presents this year and instead to make a small donation to Homeless Rooms. Johnny singlehandedly raised a massive £500. It goes to show that your average Brummie is kind, generous and does consider those less fortunate.

So, what are we going to do with the money raised:

* Improve the website

* Invest in better IT equipment

* Start planning to launch Expert User Programme – click below to see how you may be able to get involved