Questions from Homeless People & Sofa Surfers

1 How do Homeless Rooms deal with any formal complaints? 
If the complaint is about housing or support in the first instance you should report direct to registered landlord or support worker, details of complaints procedure should be made aware to you on moving into your accommodation and should be tenancy agreement that you are given.
2. What is the process for obtaining accommodation? 
On making a application for supported accommodation you will be required to undertake a risk assessment this is to ensure you are placed in the appropriate supported accommodation to best meet your needs, whilst also safeguarding staff and you.
3. Can I move into accommodation straight away? 
Each registered landlords has different criteria for moving people into accommodation, therefore it is best to check with the landlord, it is possible to move straight away but more likely to take at least 24hrs for all checks and balances to take place.
4. How can you guarantee quality of accommodation and support? 
Each room on website is through a registered social landlord, therefore each social landlord should have quality assessments and procedures in place to ensure quality.
5. I have suffered from domestic violence in the past will my address be made public?
Some of the properties are set up for domestic violence victims although individual details are not passed onto third parties without your consent.
6. Can I choose who I live with?
Unfortunately you would not be able to choose who you live with but due care is taken for people to be placed in appropriate accommodation with people who have similar likes interests.
7. How often are the support sessions?
Support sessions should every week and last for 1-3 hrs per week and are tailored to your support needs. The sessions are to support you in living in the accommodation and moving on to independent living.
8. What are the rules and regulations ?
On moving into the property you would be given the rules and regulations for living in the accommodation. To ensure you stay in the property then you need to adhere to the rules.
9. How many others are living in the property?
This can range from 1 bedroom flat to a 10+ hostel.  In the description of the accommodation you will know how many other people and the type of accommodation.
10. Why do I need to do a risk assessment?
Risk assessments are completed to safeguard you, other residents and the workers who will be supporting you. They are also used to ensure we are placing people in the appropriate accommodation.
11. What is service charge?
service charge are a weekly contribution towards  your utility cost and support based sessions. Service charge payments are set at a level that is less than 30% of your weekly benefits that you should receive.
12. Why can’t I have my own flat?
There is currently a shortage of affordable accommodation within Birmingham. By living in supported accommodation you can be supported to making the move into your own accommodation via Homes Direct registration and the local authority. Also by securing affordable shared accommodation if you are find work whilst living in supported accommodation.