If you are a landlord who:

  • Is partnered with a Registered Social Landlord
  • Accepts people on benefit
  • Charge small ‘top ups’ or ‘service charges’
  • Do not take deposit or take small deposits
  • Do not charge fees
  • Understand the needs of former homeless people

Then please register below, it takes just a minute and you can then upload your empty rooms.

However, please be aware that we do not allow any old landlords to upload rooms. In fact we reject more landlords than we accept.

We take health and safety VERY seriously. All landlords MUST accredited by Birmingham City Council and or a Government Registered Social landlord.

That way we can ensure each property has been independently assessed by external, reputable agencies.

Furthermore we insist on at least 2 recent pictures of each room available to rent – The photos must be digitally date-stamped, no longer than one week before going live. That way we know what state the room was in.

There MUST also be a recent date stamped photos of:

Front of House

Back of House



Communal areas


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